Edunguru has through every possible means made certain that all processes, procedures and methodologies are user friendly and easy to access. In order to ease student's and applicant's doubts, detailed answers to frequently arising queries are made available.

How can l enroll in the Edunguru Program
The enrollment process is very simple. With multiple touch points, you can enroll in Edunguru course either through our our website www.edunguru.com, download our App available at Google Play Store & IOS APP Store or call us at 1800 3000 2020 (Toll Free)
After enrollment, what is process to start the course?
Will there be any course material provided by Edunguru?
In which all mediums are the courses offered?
What are the ‘learning methods’ used by Edunguru for courses offered?
Who will be tutors/teachers for the programs offered?
Can l get personal guidance for the program I choose?
How & when can l apply for enrollment cancellation? Will I get refund?
Will there be exams in each courses offered?
Is it necessary for me to have internet access to complete my course?
How do l get in touch with Edunguru to resolve my queries?
How many courses can l enroll in at a time?