Edunguru has through every possible means made certain that all processes, procedures and methodologies are user friendly and easy to access. In order to ease student's and applicant's doubts, detailed answers to frequently arising queries are made available.

Why do we use the term India’s largest Digital Education Universe?
With over Courses in both English & Hindi Medium, we can proudly say, that we are India’s Largest Digital Education Universe.
How many courses can I enroll in at a time?
After enrollment, what is a process to start the course?
Can I apply for Cancellation & Will I get my Fee Refund?
If a Course is purchased in Hindi medium can it be switched to English medium
How do I get in touch with Edunguru to resolve my queries?
How many times can I ask question from the teacher over the call?
In the case of Student Queries relating to subjects, what features is Ednguru offering to students?
What all should I do in case of any errors that I may face while logging in or accessing the course through Online Mode?
Order not received (Welcome call/not able to login)
How do l get in touch with Edunguru to resolve my queries?
How many courses can l enroll in at a time?